Brownie Points

We’re going to the State Fair!

My painting, “American Royalty” was accepted to be shown at the Illinois State Fair Professional Art Show. I’m thrilled…competition is usually pretty fierce and when I’ve entered in past years, my paintings haven’t always gotten in. I will be at the Fair in the Artisan’s Building – where the Professional and Amateur work can both…

Welcome to my world

This is where I work and play. It’s a little bigger than what you see here, but this is the heart of it. See that post it note on the upper right? It’s a quote from Joeph Beuys: “I just want to encourage people not to wait for an ideal state of awareness. They must…

About Me

Hello, I’m Julie. I love art, music, all the vintage things, all the art supplies and all the dogs. This is the place where I talk about my work, process, inspiration, and news. Not to mention side tangents!

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